Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strategy Digest Volume 3 (Nov)

New Messaging Platform by Facebook
In what could be a major threat to Gmail and Hotmail, Facebook has announced the launch of a new messaging platform. Facebook will provide an email address reading as [username] and intends to create something called Seamless Messaging.
It will integrate the messages sent on Facebook and via phone (if the phone is integrated with Facebook) under the sender's name. It will also have a history of conversations, and one can continue a Facebook chat over the phone.
Currently, it is too simplistic to threaten a Gmail since Gmail is more sophisticated however; it has the potential to upstage Gmail in future. Also, there is speculation that Facebook might have a Skype (or Skype-like) function along with Seamless Messaging in future.
Axis buys Enam Securities in Rs. 2,067 crore-deal
Axis Bank has purchased the investment banking and equity capital market business of Enam in an all-stock deal valued at Rs 2,067 crore.
Axis Bank can use the brand name of Enam for two years. According to most analysts, the deal has been priced fairly and offers fairly good synergies for Axis Bank, since Axis Bank is strong in corporate banking and debt franchise while Enam is strong in equity capital markets. This transaction will increase the share of Axis Bank in capital market transactions, as Enam was a prominent investment bank.
Makeover for Airtel
Airtel will be revealing its new logo which will lend greater synergy to its businesses the world over. JWT is in charge of the re-branding programme and the cost for the same might be several hundred crores.
With investments in many countries across Asia and Africa, Airtel believes that the current logo is not easily identifiable to everyone. The new logo, which will feature a swoosh along with the brand name' Airtel, will supposedly create a better connect with people around the world.
Applications hold the key for 3G
With the telecom providers having doled out hefty amounts of money for the 3G licenses, there seems to be a consensus amongst the providers that a price war will only harm their ARPUs.
With the first couple of years not likely to generate too much 3G revenue for the telecom providers, it is believed that differentiated products and value added services will be the key to increase ARPUs. Moreover, the recent 2G spectrum allocation controversy has only made the telecom providers more cautious about their margins.

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